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Meet Our Staff
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                                       Niverville Fire Department

                            Board of Directors

                           President  Robert Hawley, Sr.
                        Vice President  Robert Hawley, Jr.
                             Secretary James Watrous
                              Director  Don Mackey, Jr.
                              Director Charles Graham
                       Director and Chair Janet Shumsky
                           Treasurer James Hogencamp
                                  Chief Tim Stever


                                   Chief Tim Stever

                         1st Assistant Chief Tom Saccone

                       2nd Assistant Chief James Svensson

                                         Station # 1

                               Captain Don Mackey, Jr.

                      1st Lieutenant 45-14 -- James Watrous

                      2nd Lieutenant 45-45 -- Mike Buono

                     2nd Lieutenant 45-35 -- Paul Strobel

                                         Station # 2

                                 Captain Jeremy Cromie

                       1st  Lieutenant 45-13  --  Jeff Judson

                  2nd Lieutenant 45-12 --  James Hogencamp

                                          Fire Police

                                    Captain Bill Corbin


The Niverville Fire Department is a 501 (C) 3 not for profit agency under the rules of the IRS.  Donations are tax deductible as permitted by law.